Book Extract

Crafty and creative: Lilly Higgins’s handbook of homemade projects

A new book by chef and author Lilly Higgins offers a creative handbook of seasonal crafts, projects and recipes designed to inspire readers to create their own sustainable, creative projects at home. In this extract, Higgins delivers two craft ideas perfect for the colder months of the year.

Lilly Higgins: ‘It might be tempting to prune old flowers over the winter, but wait till new shoots start to emerge in spring’
Dried hydrangeas: currently having a moment

Dried hydrangeas

What you’ll need:

Healthy hydrangeas

Sharp garden shears or pruners

Vases or jugs to dry the hydrangeas in

Hydrangeas are having a moment, aren’t they? My granny was immensely proud of her hydrangeas. She moved from her old farmhouse in the 1970s and built a new, modern house complete with rows of bright hydrangeas alongside the driveway and thick, dark green conifer hedging. I always remember how ...