‘Ambition or talent? Neither. Tenacity and hard work’ – Aingeala Flannery, journalist and broadcaster

The author of The Amusements on growing up surrounded by newspapers, the uselessness of celebrity and the importance of hard graft

Aingeala Flannery, journalist and broadcaster: ‘I’m preoccupied by the way random choices and incidents can change the course of a person’s life’

Aingeala Flannery is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster. A graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing at University College Dublin, her short story Visiting Hours was the winner of the 2019 Harper's Bazaar Short Story Competition. In her newly published debut novel The Amusements, Flannery paints a portrait of small town life, as she offers up the stories of the Grant and Swaine families and their neighbours over three decades in Tramore in Waterford. Brought ...