State’s first cost rental homes launched in north Co Dublin

Two-bed homes in Balbriggan development will be €935 a month to rent in scheme where rents are set at a minimum of 25 per cent below open market rates

Fiona Cormican, Clúid’s business director, said the introduction of the cost rental scheme marks a ‘fundamental shift’ in the way people rent in Ireland

Clúid Housing has launched the state’s first cost rental homes, with prices of two-bed homes costing €935 a month.

The 25 new cost rental houses, based in the new Taylor Hill development in Balbriggan, are a mix of two-, three- and four-bedroom houses. A three-bed home will cost €1,100 per month and a four-bed will cost €1,150 monthly.

The small tranche of homes have been delivered through a government-backed pilot cost rental scheme for approved ...