Amber alert issued for potential shortage of electricity

Warning caused because wind speeds dropped ‘off a cliff’ earlier today

Eirgrid recently published a report warning that Ireland’s electricity system will enter this winter at the highest risk of blackouts in many years. Picture:

An amber alert warning of a potential shortfall in electricity has been issued by the electricity market operator, just days after Huntstown power station was brought back online.

The alert was issued at 4.35pm and will remain in place until further notice.

A spokesman for Eirgid said the alert had been issued as a result of a drop off in available wind energy, as wind speeds dropped “off a cliff” earlier today.

The news comes just days after the reopening of the Huntstown power generation station, which was one of two gas fired plants that had been offline since the beginning of the year, causing much of Ireland’s ongoing power troubles. The other power station at Whitegate in Cork is due to be back online by the November 15, and sources have told the Business Post that work is on schedule for a successful restarting of Whitegate on that date.