MetroLink ‘key’ to allowing Dublin Airport grow beyond 40 million passengers

The operator of Dublin airport has said it is fully supportive of the metro rail system for the greater Dublin area

DAA wants capacity at Dublin Airport to be increased to 40 million passengers a year. Photo: Fergal Phillips

The development of the MetroLink system between Swords and Dublin city centre will be a “key element” in facilitating the growth of Dublin Airport beyond 40 million passengers per year, DAA has said.

In its submission to the public hearing of the long-planned metro rail system, DAA, the operator of Dublin Airport, said it supported the development of the MetroLink and called for the project to be developed as soon as possible.

Mark Finegan, head of strategy and operations infrastructure at DAA, told the MetroLink public hearing on Tuesday that the metro rail system will enhance the role played by Dublin Airport as the island’s main gateway to the rest of the world.