Analysis: Bogue’s departure is not a crisis for Green Party

Recent defections do not appear to have affected the Greens’ support and many in the party are secretly relieved to lose some of its more vocal internal critics

Lorna Bogue, a Cork City councillor, has resigned from the Green Party. She previously accused Eamon Ryan, the Green Party leader, of “fudging” the party‘s red lines on emissions targets. Picture:

In some ways, the only surprising thing about Lorna Bogue’s departure from the Green Party is that it didn’t happen sooner.

The Cork city councillor strongly criticised Eamon Ryan, the Greens‘ leader, during the government formation negotiations accusing him of “fudging” the party’s red lines on climate emission targets before later condemning the final deal as an “austerity programme for government”.

When many of her party colleagues backed the deal, Bogue claimed that the decision ...