The twelve deals of the year

In a year that saw many Irish businesses forced to reinvent themselves or even close, the flow of deals kept coming, as these 12 transactions show

Davy sold off its €605 million of assets in three deals; Davy put itself on the market after it was fined €4.1 million by the Central Bank in relation to a bond trade dating back to 2014

Macquarie buys Beauparc for €1bn

The term ‘journey’ is overused, but in Eamon Water’s case, the road from bins to a billion has genuinely been epic.

Waters started the waste and recycling business that became Beauparc, the owner of Panda and Greenstar, with his brother Noel and three trucks in 1990. Thirty years on it is the biggest player in the Irish market, with over €500 million in revenue and €34.74 million in profit. It ...