The top women in tech: The leaders you need to know

While tech bros are going about trying to destroy society, there are plenty of women who are, thankfully, doing the opposite. Charlie Taylor and Emmet Ryan present a round-up of the top women in Irish tech

Dee Coakley, co-founder and chief executive of Boundless and Patricia Scanlon, founder and chair of SoapBox Labs: Boundless has experienced significant growth as working patterns continue to change, while Scanlon recently won the Stem award at the Irish Tatler Women of the Year awards. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Compiling a list is always dangerous, but we’ve consulted far and wide to come up with what we believe is a great compendium of some of the most important women in the Irish tech ecosystem. This list is by no means comprehensive and is not ranked in any particular order. It exists to highlight the great work that is being done and to introduce you to some women who deserve to be more widely known.