Tech View: Stem skills gap is not unique to Sligo – it’s a global problem

Eir chief Carolan Lennon’s claim that a lack of tech skills in the north-west was to blame for the company’s poor customer care rings hollow

Carolan Lennon, the Eir chief executive, regretted her phrasing about Sligo having a lack of skills, but a bigger point was missed. Picture: Shane O'Neill/Fennell Photography

Carolan Lennon probably wishes she had chosen different words on Wednesday when trying to explain Eir’s poor customer service record. The chief executive said it was a mistake to set up a customer care centre in Sligo because the county didn’t have the skills – a comment that was sure to backfire.

She immediately regretted the choice of phrase, but missed a bigger point. It’s not just Sligo that lacks the skills, it’s a countrywide ...