The Big Interview

Kevin O’Loughlin, head of Nostra: ‘I’m a people person and being stuck at a PC wasn’t enough for me’

The IT firm is forecasting revenues of €50 million this year, but its co-founder is very clear that money comes second to his love of the business

Kevin O’Loughlin, chief executive of Nostra: ‘For us to become the biggest company in Ireland means growing elsewhere.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

If there is one thing to say about Kevin O’Loughlin, it is that he doesn’t lack ambition.

“I’ve long stated that we want to be the biggest company in Ireland. We’ve taken our time about it but we now have the roadmap to get us there,” the co-founder and chief executive of Nostra Technologies says.

The company O’Loughlin founded with his brother Barry, Gary Byrne and Senan Finucane in 2006, is forecasting revenues of €50 million this year. Impressive, but a sign that there is a considerable way to travel before the firm achieves its target.