Gadget Guru: Samsung’s mid-range S21 FE, a set of bluetooth earphones and a foldable guitar

Under the spotlight this week are the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, AIAIAI TMA Studio Wireless+ and the Mogabi travel guitar

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: if you really like the S series, but want to go with a cheaper option than the full-powered range, then this is worth getting

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Price: €769. Rating: 3/5 stars.

Launched surprisingly close to the S22 range coming out, a mere month beforehand, the budget version of Samsung’s S21 range is impressive in terms of specs, but awfully expensive for where it fits.

At €769, it’s high priced for a mid range device and a full €120 more than the Google Pixel 6, which is positioned at a higher point in the market.

The S21 FE ...