Fine Arts: Portraits of women through the ages at Fonsie Mealy’s sale

A Victorian matriarch painted by Frederick William Burton and a Maud Gonne self portrait are two of the portrayals of women in the Irish & International Art sale on March 23

Self Portrait by Maud Gonne (€2,000-€3,000) at Fonsie Mealy’s Irish & International Art auction on March 23. Pictures: Peter Hilliard

There was a time when we women knew our place in life, which was either in the drawing room pouring tea from a silver pot, or in the scullery, keeping said pot burnished. A watercolour due to go under the hammer in Fonsie Mealy’s next sale depicts the ideal Victorian matriarch, Portrait of a Woman and Child, probably Caroline Susan Gore-Booth and her son Henry, painted in 1840 by Frederick William Burton, 61cm x 46.5cm, ...