Proof of the pudding in Blasta Books’ crowdfunding success

Kristin Jensen, founder of Blasta Books, hopes to widen the range of Ireland’s culinary talent represented in cookbooks

Blogging duo Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon, known as the Gastro Gays. Picture: Philip Doyle

Kristin Jensen’s decades-long career in food writing and publishing led her to one conclusion: that the broad range of Ireland’s culinary talent is not adequately represented in the cookbooks published here.

It is what inspired her to found Blasta Books (which takes its name from the Irish for ‘delicious’) a crowdfunded publishing house which last week quickly surpassed its original funding goal.

“If you look at the ten bestselling cookbooks in Ireland last year, they’re all heavily functional; they’re geared towards weight loss, ‘quick and easy’ cooking and vegan diets,” Jensen told the Business Post. “There is absolutely a place for every single one of them, but it leaves a lot that is not being explored.”