Making It Work: Wellness brand offers escape from pandemic pressures

Lee Tracey and Annie Kirwan’s Into the Ether products are designed ‘to elevate the everyday into something magical’

Lee Tracey and Annie Kirwan, founders of Reformation: their new brand, Into the Ether, offers a suite of wellness products, from body oils to menstrual calendar-inspired diaries, to help customers escape from the stress of Covid-19. Picture: Fergal Phillips

In the last 18 months, Lee Tracey has juggled pregnancy, lockdown and the challenge of adapting Reformation, her pilates and yoga business, to the demands of Covid-19. So it’s hardly any wonder she felt the need to step up her self-care routine.

“There was all sorts going on in my life, as you can imagine,” Tracey, co-founder of the well-known Reformation studio in Ballsbridge in Dublin, said. “And I really needed something to anchor myself, ...