Jim O’Callaghan: Dáil or Seanad could move to Belfast in a united Ireland

Proposals for a 32-county Ireland – including the writing of an entirely new constitution – are being proposed by Jim O’Callaghan in a speech he will make at Cambridge University this week

Jim O’Callaghan outslide Dáil Éireann: the Fianna Fáil TD proposes moving the institution to Belfast in the event of a united Ireland Picture: Fergal Phillips

The Dáil or Seanad would be moved to Belfast and a number of cabinet positions reserved for unionist politicians under plans for a united Ireland being proposed by Jim O’Callaghan.

The Fianna Fáil TD, who is tipped by many as the party’s next leader, will outline his blueprint for a 32-county Ireland during a speech to Cambridge University on Tuesday, during which he will say that an entirely new constitution would be needed.

Although he ...