Slowdown in Big Tech’s activity could hit legal sector

JP McDowell, managing partner of international firm Fieldfisher’s Dublin office, said practices servicing the sector would be better protected if they diversified

JP McDowell, managing partner, Fieldfisher: ‘I don’t see a bubble about to burst, but a concern you might have is that a lot of the market growth at the moment has been in the area of providing legal services to tech companies, [and] you do see some contraction there perhaps.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

An apparent contraction of big tech firms’ activity in Ireland has caused concern among legal services providers, the managing partner of an international law firm has said.

JP McDowell, who heads up Fieldfisher’s Dublin office, said that law firms with diverse practices would be better protected against any potential slowdown in the multinational technology sector in Ireland.

He said Irish law firms which had serviced tech companies in a variety of areas from privacy “or ...