Paddy McKillen: ‘I’m frightened’ about Qatari tactics in £1.5bn battle over luxury hotels

The Irish property tycoon says having successfully fought Nama and the Barclay brothers he now faces ‘vile lies’ from estranged business partners

Paddy McKillen: ‘The Qataris have made billions from my work and I’ll make sure they pay me. Picture: Max Miechowski

Irish hotel tycoon Paddy McKillen has vowed to keep fighting members of the Qatari royal family in a bitter £1.5 billion legal battle over some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, but has admitted he is “frightened about the lengths they will go to and what they are capable of”.

The Belfast born property veteran told The Business Post: “I've successfully fought massive battles against Nama and the Barclay brothers but this battle is different.”