Motorola paid $120m in deal to buy Tetra Ireland

The telecoms technology firm bought the remaining 81 per cent of the emergency services communications operator earlier this year

Jack Molloy, executive vice-president and chief operating officer at Motorola Solutions: ‘We had been thinking about the opportunity to buy Tetra Ireland for four years. The talent in that company and the quality of service it provides mean that it has a great brand.’

Motorola Solutions has confirmed that it paid $120 million (€112 million) for Tetra Ireland, the operator of the state’s emergency services communications system, in March of this year.

The figure, which wasn’t disclosed at the time of the deal, was published in the telecoms technology company’s latest set of financial results.

Eir, which owned 56 per cent of the business, had previously planned to sell its stake to Digital 9, an investment group in London, ...