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More than half of women feel financially unprepared for retirement

Fashionista Sonya Lennon says it’s ‘terrifying’ that one in three have made no provision for their future as auto-enrolment is set to come into effect next year

Fashion entrepreneur Sonya Lennon: ‘Men aren’t as anxious talking about money. I don’t know if it’s little woman syndrome or a legacy piece’

Fashion entrepreneur and television personality Sonya Lennon has said it is “terrifying” that one in three women say they don’t have any provisions in place for their mid- to long-term financial security.

In addition, more than half of women (56 per cent) feel unprepared financially for retirement, 21 per cent higher than men, according to figures from Standard Life.

When it comes to pension planning, women need to put their head above the parapet and speak to their peers about what people are doing, Lennon, a pension’s ambassador with Standard Life, told the Business Post.