Hitting close to home: voters deeply divided over end of eviction ban

The latest Business Post/Red C poll shows 46 per cent of voters opposed to ending the ban on March 31, but 50 per cent in favour of tax breaks for landlords designed to encourage them to stay in the market

Raise the Roof and and People Before Profit protestors demonstrate against ending the tenant eviction ban. Picture: RollingNews.ie

Voters are divided on the government’s decision to end the eviction ban for tenants, according to the latest Business Post/Red C poll.

The online poll of 1,000 voters shows that a majority (46 per cent) are opposed to ending the ban. One in three voters (36 per cent) support the government’s decision to end it, while a high proportion of voters are undecided (18 per cent).

It is a sign of the divided attitudes to ...