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Government’s emissions ceilings failure could bring legal challenge, law expert warns

Diarmuid Torney of DCU says falling short on sectoral emissions targets is ‘legally questionable’, but that now is the time to focus on delivery

The government could leave itself open to legal challenge over sectoral emissions ceilings falling short, according to Diarmuid Torney, climate law expert. Picture: Getty

The government’s sectoral emissions ceilings falling short of the overall emissions reduction target of 51 per cent by 2030 could leave it open to legal challenge, Ireland’s leading climate law expert has said.

Diarmuid Torney, associate professor at the school of law and government in DCU, said that the fact that the agreed sectoral emissions ceilings only added up to 43 per cent emissions reductions by 2030, with an unallocated savings pot, was “legally questionable”.