The Big Interview

‘Twitter is the platform where we see the most risk for corporate clients’ – RiskEye’s Nicola Byrne

The online reputation expert believes everyone should be protected against a weaponised internet

Nicola Byrne, chair, Risk Eye: ‘When people think of cyber threats, they think of data theft. We’re on the other side of cyber, which is reputation threats.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Nicola Byrne is a woman who understands the disruptive power of the internet better than most.

As the founder and chief executive of 11890, the directory enquiry company, she witnessed first-hand how a once thriving business can be made completely obsolete in a short space of time.

At its peak, 11890 employed almost 100 staff and generated annual sales of around €5 million. Last year, Byrne wound up the company after 15 years in business.