The Profile: How Imran Khan got bowled out of office

The former cricketing legend was ousted as Pakistan’s prime minister earlier this month by a vote of no confidence, amid allegations of a US-assisted conspiracy – but he has vowed to fight ‘till the last ball’

Imran Khan was one of Pakistan’s greatest ever cricketers, but running the country since he became prime minister in 2018 has proved a considerably more difficult task. Illustration: Peter Hanan

Near London’s Hyde Park earlier this month, a video was taken of a man holding a blue Adidas trainer, which he was using to hit a nearby poster. He took his time to ensure he whacked the images of five judges on Pakistan’s Supreme Court who had recently ruled that a vote of no confidence in Imran Khan, the then prime minister, could go ahead.

Khan, a cricket legend who entered politics in the mid-1990s, ...