Saoirse McHugh’s Five Degrees of Change: ‘I couldn’t in good conscience continue to take flights’

The former Green Party member, the subject of this week’s Five Degrees of Change podcast, reveals the steps she would take to make the global environment a more liveable place

Saoirse McHugh: ‘If we could shift the focus from profit to food production, we would see a corresponding refocus on preserving the natural area and ecosystems.’ Picture: Michael Dillon

In the space of just two years, Saoirse McHugh became one of Ireland’s most recognisable public representatives, despite never having been elected to office.

McHugh came to the public‘s attention first in 2019 while running for the Green Party in the European Parliament elections, when during a live election broadcast on television, her no-nonsense style and refreshingly honest approach won her fans.

Though unsuccessful in both the European elections and the subsequent general election, she ...