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Post Script: Sean O’Rourke’s Betting slip, Eir’s giggly bits, Dominic Cummings’ Stripe-tease

The Business Post team takes a look at the scenes behind the stories

Dominic Cummings gave Patrick Collison his seal of approval

When Sean took a punt on Paddy

Even the best in the game are entitled to a few regrets after long careers in the casino of life, but it was surprising to hear Sean O’Rourke look back ruefully from the “lofty heights of Mount Hindsight,” as he eloquently put it recently.

The veteran broadcaster revealed that he was concerned that he had been a “bit player in the creation of a gambling monster”.

Interviewing Stewart Kenny, the Paddy Power co-founder who cashed in his chips to become a gambling industry critic, on his new RTÉ podcast Insights, O’Rourke recalled that he used to give Kenny and his company airtime in exchange for access to its Red C political polls (Post Script believes the technical term is ‘everyone’s a winner’).