Shane MacGowan

Marion McKeone: ‘Shane was was a poet with a comic gift’

Shane MacGowan the musician and ‘fiercely tender chronicler of love and loss’ was commemorated with glowing tributes across British and US outlets

Shane MacGowan who died aged 65: In the Dáil, a minute’s silence was observed following the announcement of his death on Thursday. The last time that happened was to mark the Queen’s passing. Picture: Bryan Meade

Shane MacGowan’s image dominated the front page of Friday’s Guardian newspaper, pushing its coverage of Henry Kissinger’s death to a postage-size also-ran on the bottom right-hand corner.

No doubt MacGowan, who had a historian’s knowledge of American foreign policy and was no fan of Kissinger’s, would have allowed himself a malevolent chuckle at their juxtaposition.

His demise also pushed Kissinger off his perch on the landing pages of most of America’s online media outlets, prompting ...