Luis Rubiales: Football macho man who scored massive own goal

The Spanish football federation president has insisted that he will not resign over his kissing of Jenni Hermoso at the World Cup final – but he may yet be sacked

Luis Rubiales: According to Semra Hunter, a presenter on Spain’s La Liga TV, Rubiales is like Icarus, “someone who feels like he can touch the sun”

Juan Rubiales worked as chief of staff for his nephew, Luis Rubiales, at the Royal Spanish Football Federation when he became president in 2018. He considered things were taking a turn for the worse when his nephew told him to stop calling him “Luis” in conversation and instead to call him “President”. Staff in the organisation started calling him “Kennedy” after JFK.

“He has always been a man with a macho posture,” Juan Rubiales told El Mundo, adding that his nephew “doesn’t want to be a politician; he wants to be a warrior, but Spanish society has changed. He has crossed some red lines.”