Irish reels to film reels: Michael Flatley’s side-step into cinema

The Irish dance legend has decided to try his hand at making, and starring in, a feature-length spy thriller. And the carefully choreographed build-up ahead of its release demonstrates that he hasn’t forgotten how to put on a good show

Michael Flatley: if his movie making days are even half as successful as his dance career ‘he’ll be going a long way’. Illustration: Peter Hanan

Amid jump cuts of shooting guns, revving sports cars and steamy kisses teased in the trailer for Blackbird, a tuxedoed Michael Flatley turns to the camera with a stiff stare and slight grin.

“I’m not the man I used to be,” he states as suspenseful music crescendos.

As a man who made his fortune with an over three-decade long career in Irish dancing before retiring in 2016, this line may ring truer for Flatley than ...