Covid-19: ‘There will always be a risk and we have to accept that, but you’ve got to ask when enough is enough’

A total 84 per cent of Covid cases are in the under-45s, a group that remains largely unvaccinated. While one expert says we should reopen further and ‘bite the bullet’, another warns the Delta variant is a ‘cloud on the horizon’

Grafton Street: crowds are starting to come back to the shops as the Covid restrictions are lifted. Picture: Getty

We have freedoms that were but a pipe dream during the dark months of winter, but still we crave more. The hospitality sector, so badly hit throughout this time, is understandably devastated at the suggestion that the July 5 resumption of indoor dining and drinking may not proceed.

One restaurateur described it as “gut-wrenching”, noting the costly and laboursome process of readying their restaurant to fulfil public health and industry guidance and for once there ...