The 4G rollout you weren’t expecting

Vodafone and Nokia are installing a 4G network on the Moon. Emmet Ryan on how this is about more than astronauts sharing cool pictures on Instagram

Live streams from the Moon? Pic: Getty

The Moon is about to enjoy far superior data coverage than Croke Park on match-day. Anyone who has ever tried to send a tweet or share an image, never mind the bravery of a video, from GAA HQ on a big day knows that it can take ages as the other 82,000 odd people there are trying to do the same.

The Moon doesn’t have that issue, given that the total number of people to step foot on it wouldn’t even fill a starting line-up on All-Ireland Sunday. The plan from Vodafoneand Nokia to set up a 4G network there is awfully interesting when it comes to one of the traditional problems of space exploration.