Uptown grill is dressed to impress

Small issues with the main courses aside, this was an impressive meal, with the sweetbread starter and the panna cotta dessert in particular indicating that there is some serious talent at work in The Grill Room kitchen

The Grill Room in Limerick: there is some serious talent at work in this kitchen Pic: Sean Curtin/True Media

The Grill Room at Alex Findlater & Company,

109 O’Connell Street, Limerick

061-516450, alexfindlaterandco.ie

Chef: Mark Conway

A couple of weeks ago, with impeccable timing, I left Limerick city a few hours before The Great Victory of 2018, an occurrence worthy of capital letters if ever there was one.

Being from Louth, and therefore unfamiliar with the joy that GAA victories bring, I’d forgotten that the match was even on until I crossed ...