‘There’s a lot of sexy cats’: welcome to the madcap world of comedian Tony Cantwell

The host of Tony Cantwell’s Hit Show podcast reveals how he uses AI to help brainstorm joke ideas, and how he’s constantly writing for TV in his head

Tony Cantwell, comedian. ‘I do feel like I have the community now that I didn’t really have when I started out.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

“Do you use AI?” asks Tony Cantwell. We’re in the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, and the comedian is gesturing towards my recording device.

I do use an AI transcription service. Is he concerned about our interview being uploaded to it?

“No, I’m just curious. I use AI a lot, for brainstorming things, and I use it for editing. So I’m always curious to see at what level has it totally permeated [our lives].”

Cantwell, 35, ...