Tastemaker: Photographer Danielle Houghton on Dutch cooking, and the joy of simple pleasures

The street photographer relishes days with no to-do lists, and being non-judgemental

Danielle Houghton, photographer. ‘In 1991 I was in Moscow visiting a friend when the coup that led to the collapse of Communism occurred. As I witnessed history unfolding, all I could think about was how I wished for a decent camera and the knowledge to capture it all.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Danielle Houghton is a street photographer and a founding member of the International Observe Photography Collective. Based in Dublin, her work has been exhibited in Ireland, England, Germany, France, Australia, Italy and Istanbul, and featured in major street photography festivals. She is taking part in Ireland’s first such festival next month.

What was your earliest ambition?

To be happy, live a normal healthy life, travel, settle down, have kids. My passion and ambition for photography ...