Taking Tipperary to the world: the rise and rise of Allied Imports

It’s the biggest importer of Irish-themed souvenirs in the country and the owner of Tipperary Crystal. Now family business Allied Imports has branched into jewellery and homeware, and has set its sights on global expansion

Robert Scanlan: ‘Experience is making mistakes. Nothing beats making the mistakes yourself’. Picture: Marc O’Sullivan

A door opens onto a brown box city. Here’s 50,000 square feet of warehouse, including 5,000 pallet bays, with towers of inventory extending up to the rafters. Inside those brown boxes are pieces of jewellery, candles, handbags, tableware and crystal too, a cornucopia of stock best described as “affordable luxury”, destined for hundreds of retailers. This facility is also home to an army of Irish-themed souvenirs, among them the shillelagh-waving figurines that have formed a ...