Soprano Celine Byrne: ‘I’ve always wanted to be successful, but what is the measure of success?’

The renowned soprano always had an interest in music, but avoided Dancing with the Stars as she has ‘two left feet’

Soprano Celine Byrne. ‘For me, I think I have achieved success as I believe I have managed a great career along with being a mother, which is the most important thing to me’

She is among Ireland’s best-known sopranos and regularly graces the stages of storied theatres across the world, but ask Celine Byrne to belt out a tune in a pub and she will choose the traditional ballad Danny Boy.

“I always had an interest in music, so my childhood was spent swinging on a swing in my back garden and singing away to myself,” the Kildare singer says. “My hobby developed into a career.”

Bryne says ...