Songwriter Brendan Graham: ‘My favourite item of clothing? What the kids call my “Tom Cruise jacket”’

Writer of You Raise Me Up, Rock ’n’ Roll Kids and The Voice on his life as a student priest, shoe salesman, industrial engineer, bass player and novelist

Brendan Graham. ‘Leonard Cohen is the ultimate craftsman of a lyric. One of the songs in my upcoming concerts [at the NCH in January] is a homage to him’

Brendan Graham is an internationally renowned songwriter perhaps best known as the lyricist of You Raise Me Up, the iconic song that has been performed by over 400 artists and garnered in excess of one million plays on US airwaves.

A native of Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Graham claims he “fell into” songwriting, having developed a love of words and literature with the aid of teachers including the late, great Con Houlihan.

In addition to a stellar songwriting career, which has included two Eurovision Song Contest wins – for Rock ’n’ Roll Kids and The Voice – Brendan Graham is an acclaimed writer, whose trio of famine-era novels became Irish bestsellers.