Sara Keating: A fresh, necessary take on the Mother and Baby Homes scandal

Dylan Coburn Gray's Absent the Wrong, running at the Abbey Theatre, is an often difficult watch but worth the effort

Curtis-Lee Ashqar, Noelle Brown, Sophie Lenglinger, Colleen Keogh and Jolly Abraham in Absent the Wrong. Picture: Ste Murray

What do we think of when we hear the words Fringe Festival? We think of cutting-edge experimental work, audience confrontation, artistic risk and failure. Something that does not tend to come to mind is the state-of-the-nation play, with its earnest modes of critique and enquiry, its direct engagement with political or social status quo.

Dylan Coburn Gray's Absent the Wrong (running at The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock stage, until September 25) is unequivocally a ...