Rhythm Nation

Poet Paul Muldoon on how the Rolling Stones and Duke Special have inspired him

The literary luminary and Princeton professor says Christy Moore’s Ride On is the ‘definite version’ of a heartbreaking masterpiece

Paul Muldoon will be appearing at the West Cork Literary Festival, leading a five-day poetry workshop and reading from his latest book Howdie-Skelp on Friday, July 15 at 8.30pm in the Maritime Hotel in Bantry

Born in Armagh in 1951, Paul Muldoon has been hailed by the Times Literary Supplement as “the most significant English-language poet since World War II”. In addition to his 14 poetry collections, the professor in humanities at Princeton University recently collaborated with Paul McCartney on a book about the former Beatle’s lyrics.

Here is a playlist of songs that have inspired Muldoon over the years, along with his reasons why.

1. Christy Moore: Ride On