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Local Boy on the sweetness of Irish hip-hop act Sourfruit

Singer-songwriter Jake Hurley, whose new single is out now, veers from underrated grime heroes NU Brand Flexxx to Ugandan activist and MC Ecko Bazz in compiling his top ten list of musical influences

Jake Hurley, aka Local Boy, whose new single Get Up (Out the Bed) is available now

“No more living in your head, you’ve got to show them you’re the best,” Jake Hurley (aka Local Boy) admonishes himself on his new single Get Up (Out the Bed). It’s an intriguing taster for the Dublin musician’s upcoming second album Local Boy Climbs the Ladder, showing his facility for sharp, catchy pop songs about mental health and economic hardship.

“Sometimes your bed can be the most comfortable, safest place in the world, and I’m ...