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John Maguire: Exceptional performances a wonder to behold in mystical period drama

Director Sebastián Lelio’s adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s 2016 novel loses its way somewhat towards the end, but is nonetheless a gripping piece of storytelling

Kíla Lord Cassidy, Tom Burke and Florence Pugh in The Wonder: a strange and intense film. Picture: Aidan Monaghan/Netflix

The Oscar-winning Chilean film-maker Sebastián Lelio comes to Ireland for The Wonder, an adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s dark and mysterious 2016 novel of the same name centred on a miraculous happening in 19th-century Tipperary.

A young peasant girl named Anna (newcomer Kíla Lord Cassidy) says she has survived for four months eating nothing but “manna from heaven”. Florence Pugh’s rational, practical nurse Lib is brought over from England to investigate her impossible claims. Is this ...