Hitting the ground running in January: Sonia O’Sullivan interviewed

Ireland’s legendary Olympian is leading a distance challenge, entitled Runuary, to help you break the midwinter blues and speed joyously through the dullest month

Sonia O’Sullivan: ‘At this time of year, a lot of people find it very hard to get motivated and re-energised when both the days and nights are still so dark. Even top-level athletes can find it difficult to push themselves out the door.’ Picture: Sportsfile

Traditionally, the dawn of a new year is when we all make plans to be healthier, fitter, thinner, stronger and a myriad of other virtuous things.

For the first week or so, these goals are rigidly stuck to, but as the novelty wears off and the seemingly never-ending month continues, many of us revert back to our relaxed and self-indulgent ways.

Although we may feel bad about our lack of willpower, Olympian Sonia O’Sullivan can ...