Emmet Kirwan: ‘It may be an Irish thing, but all the good plays are really about family’

As he adjusts to the demands of first-time fatherhood, the actor and writer’s new spoken-word verse play Accents premieres at the Dublin Fringe Festival

Emmet Kirwan: ‘In Ireland, there is a certain weight put on accent, an assumption that intellect and accent correlate.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

Emmet Kirwan is sitting in the cool foyer of the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar, quietly nursing a can of Monster Energy. The writer-actor recently became a father, and he is struggling to adjust to the broken nights and early mornings. “It puts manners on your life, structure, y’know,” he says wryly. “Nothing like it for an artist.”

It is early afternoon and Kirwan has been up since 5am. He has just finished an ...