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Eithne Shortall: How to quit your day job – or the years of hard graft that go into ‘overnight’ success as a writer

Becoming a novelist doesn’t just happen – and it certainly doesn’t just happen when you’re also juggling a job and children. Be prepared to take the journey step by slow, difficult step

Eithne Shortall, journalist and author: ‘I was fully prepared to wake up one morning drenched in dread and regret.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

I wrote my first novel eight years ago, while working. I always thought I’d write a book one day. But a year off turning 30 – an arbitrary deadline set only by me – I was surprised to find it hadn’t happened.

It was a bit like when I moved to Paris and assumed my physical presence would be enough to make me fluent in French. “You’ll just pick it up,” people said. “I’ll just ...