Book review: Tales from the Fraud Squad – Enjoyable reminisces from a Garda straight shooter

Willie McGee’s memoir is an unpretentious but enjoyable collection of anecdotes about a lengthy career of criminal investigations

Former head of the Garda fraud unit Willie McGee: emerges as an old-fashioned law and order man, with no hesitation in calling his adversaries ‘gougers’, ‘gurriers’ and ‘scumbags’

Willie McGee has a theory about why he never capped his distinguished Mayo Gaelic football career with an All-Ireland senior medal. “We weren’t cynical enough,” the former Garda Superintendent concludes in his colourful and forthright memoir. “We didn’t have it drilled into us to win at all costs . . . many a time we could have stopped a forward coming through if we’d been blatant enough about it, but we didn’t, and that’s why ...