Book review: Billy Connolly travelogue long on miles but short on laughs

Even diehard fans of the Big Yin would be advised to buy the audio version of Rambling Man, to have its banality lifted by the rich timbre of his voice

Billy Connolly: He picked up a hitchhiker who told him he didn’t think much of his comedy

One of the bestselling non-fiction titles of 2021 was Billy Connolly’s autobiography Windswept & Interesting, which sold over 350,000 copies in hardback. It came hot on the heels of a collection of the Scottish comedian’s stand-up routines, Tall Tales and Wee Stories, another bestseller. Indeed fans of the Big Yin may be surprised to discover he has written a dozen books, selling about 1.2 million copies, which is testament to the affection in which he ...