Author Fergus Cronin: ‘Favourite day? Friday, it’s about reflection and anticipation’

The award-winning writer originally wanted to be a drummer in a rock band, and it’s one of his life’s regrets that he didn’t fulfil that ambition

Author Fergus Cronin. ‘My favourite day of the week? Friday: it’s all about reflection and anticipation and its colour is black, which relaxes me’

Fergus Cronin came to writing relatively late in life. After graduating with a degree in chemical engineering, his early career focused on water purification and limestone manufacture, and he eventually served as chief operating officer of a “decent-sized contracting” business.

Cronin, who divides his time between Dublin and his native Connemara, dabbled in the arts though, and worked in theatre before and after his retirement. “Writing finally took over in 2012,” he says.

He completed ...