‘Art cannot tame Shane for the same reason that no one has ever tamed a Tasmanian devil’

In one of his final major interviews before his death, Shane MacGowan spoke to Marion McKeone in late 2022 about life and his limited-edition book of artwork, lyrics and essays

Shane MacGowan: ‘Not forgiving things is really stupid. Because it means you’ve got hate in your heart. And you don’t want hate in your heart. You want love in your heart.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

Acoris Andipa, the soft-spoken, exquisitely mannered owner of the renowned Andipa Gallery, knows a thing or two about art. He should do. The Andipa family has been in the art business since the late 16th century when the Doge of Venice gifted them a coat of arms in recognition of their contribution to the art world.

Today, Andipa is one of the art world’s most respected experts, dealers and curators. He’s the go-to dealer ...