Law on Trial: Justice for all? The Mica controversy explored and Angela Denning on changes to the Irish court system

Listen to the fourth episode of the Business Post’s new legal affairs podcast

In this new podcast series from the Business Post on legal affairs in Ireland and beyond, hosts Peter Leonard, barrister, and Mark Tottenham, barrister and editor of, are joined by Catherine Sanz, legal correspondent of the Business Post, to shine a light on legal topics and court cases, as well as conducting interviews with figures from the legal world.

In our fourth episode, Angela Denning, chief executive of the Courts Service of Ireland, joins the podcast to discuss the short-term and longer-term changes in the Irish court system. Construction law expert Deirdre Ní Fhloinn BL is interviewed on the Mica controversy, and the government's compensation scheme. Also on the slate: we discuss recent cases concerning personal injuries, anchor tenants in shopping centres and the selection of a jury in a pending US trial. And we count down the 'hit parade' of the top five most cited judgements in the past ten years.

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