HSE spent €740,000 refurbishing headquarters over past three years

Leasing alternative office space to that at Dr Steevens’ Hospital would cost ‘between €4.5 million and €9.5 million a year’

Dr Steevens’ Hospital provides 110,000 square feet of office accommodation to the HSE in central Dublin. Picture: Rollingnews.ie

The HSE has spent almost €740,000 refurbishing Dr Steevens’ Hospital, the Dublin building where its headquarters is based, over the past three years.

The figures, which were provided to the Business Post in response to a Freedom of Information request, show €736,725 has been paid out by the HSE. A total of €357,196 was paid in 2017, €198,102 was paid in 2018, followed by €181,427 last year.

The HSE’s base is located at the former ...