‘There are so many amazing ideas that people have within big firms that don’t get followed up on’

Liam Cronin is chief executive of RDI Hub, an innovation hub based in Co Kerry. Prior to this, he was commercial director at the ADAPT Research Centre in Trinity College Dublin, and also spent 25 years working at Microsoft in a number of senior roles

Liam Cronin, chief executive of RDI Hub: ‘I think that a lot of the confidence we see in Ireland has come from the experience people have had working at multinationals’

When I first joined Microsoft back in 1991 it operated like a start-up in Ireland. I was one of the first 100 employees there and it was an exciting place to be as it was really top of its game in terms of expanding into new segments and didn’t have a lot of policies and procedures in place. We were very much making it up as we went along. I never expected to be at ...